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How to check if TV set has dvb-t2? The end of DVB-T in 2022

How to check if TV set has dvb-t2? The end of DVB-T in 2022
How to find out if the TV set has DVB-T2? Should we write an application to the TVP and wait patiently during the well period of consideration? Will the carrier pigeon bring us an answer in time? Will it arrive before July 1st? It will, and so will you - no worries. It's very simple and I'll give you a few options on how to find out if your TV will receive TVP in 4K or if it will end up in the trash over the summer.

What does Google know about you?

You've probably wondered many times what Google knows about you? How does the search engine function? How does it know that you want to buy black post shoes? Or case just for your model phone? When you create your next message, do you think about whether Gmail will read it? One thing you can be sure of: Google knows a lot more than you'd like and uses a lot more than you think. And if something on the Internet is free, you pay for it with information about yourself and your privacy. But let's not get paranoid. I'll show you how to find out if Google is really interested in you and how to limit access to your personal information.

Youtube in the background - how to run on Android and iOS

Youtube in the background - how to run on Android and iOS
Youtube in the background - for those using only to listen to music.

Car phone holder comparison

Car phone holder comparison
The number of cars per person in Poland is growing. It is not so much the case that the majority of people have their own car, but it is less common for people to be excessively profligate when it comes to collecting cars or owning several. It is usually used for travelling or for work. Professional drivers are on the road for days or even weeks at a time in the same vehicle. Whether it's for work or a family trip, it's important to keep your phone visible. If you use navigation on your phone or your job requires you to stay in constant contact, you need to keep your smartphone steady. Then we need to get the right phone holder. There are many options and everyone can choose something for himself. We will introduce you to some of the most affordable car phone holders in this post.

5 case SPIGEN for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are two beautiful mobile phoney made of an aluminum frame with glass on the front and back, which makes them lie smoothly and comfortably in your hand. However, this has the disadvantage that mobile phone is slippery, making it easy to accidentally drop it. Here are 5 case SPIGEN for Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ that are already available for purchase that will help you protect your new smartphone investment.

Which smartphone would I choose? Small top of the line flagships

Which smartphone would I choose? Small top of the line flagships
If you have found this article, it means that you are probably looking for a new smartphone for no small amount of money. So I am extremely pleased that you want to know my subjective opinion about the new smartphones that came out this year and last year. I have already mentioned that for no small amount of money. Exactly so, because flagships are by definition the best smartphones of the brand, which no .... are quite expensive. I would like to point out that the top will not be chronological, because the variety of smartphones I've chosen does not allow you to put them from best to worst.

Moja refleksja po używaniu asystenta Google

Moja refleksja po używaniu asystenta Google
Sterowanie swoim smartfonem za pomocą głosu? Brzmi bardzo dobrze, brzmi jak kolejny sposób na przyspieszenie codziennych działań. Używane tego jest bardzo proste. Mówi się do urządzenia jak do człowieka. Trzeba zacząć swoje żądanie hasłem: „OK, Google”. Można również dłużej przytrzymać przycisk ekranu głównego. Jednak jak robimy coś innego i smartfon mamy gdzieś w oddali lub mamy zajęte ręce, łatwiej nam będzie z pierwszym sposobem.

Klasden Series Backpacks & Bags

Los Angeles, December 29, 2011 - SGP, a brand known for producing top quality accessories for mobile devices, is launching its latest product in the lifestyle and travel genre. It is due to the principles and incredible attention to detail and quality on the part of SGP that the latest product in the Klasden Series will see the light of day.
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