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5 case SPIGEN for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus


The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are two beautiful mobile phoney made of an aluminum frame with glass on the front and back, which makes them lie smoothly and comfortably in your hand. However, this has the disadvantage that mobile phone is slippery, making it easy to accidentally drop it. Here are 5 case SPIGEN for Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ that are already available for purchase that will help you protect your new smartphone investment

Case SPIGEN Ultra Hybrid

case sPIGEN Ultra Hybrid

Photo by SPIGEN

The first case, which we will look at today, is the model Ultra Hybrid. This case has a transparent back case made of polycarbonate and a soft TPU plastic padding, making it shock absorbing and flexible. The model was made available to us in Matte Black, but the product can also be purchased in Black Midnight and Crystal Clear variants. Looking at the inside of the case, you will notice that all the edges are equipped with air cushion technology, which absorbs all the shock caused by daily impacts. All the cutouts are precise and enough space has been leftaRCfor the headphone jack and USB ports. As for the buttons, we can see that they are bulged so that when pressed, their clickiness is very well felt. The top and bottom of the front case are also bulged to protect the screen from scratches when placing mobile phoneu on a table and other similar surfaces. The hollow back of the case, on the other hand, allows you to maintain the original mobile phoneu appearance. It is also a great option for those who would like to decorate this part of the case with some interesting stickers.

case sPIGEN Ultra-Hybrid

Case Ultra Hybrid with Black Camo sticker from DBrand

Something to keep in mind with this cover is that the empty back of the case is prone to fingerprints, and the edges are not bulged, which does not allow you to protect the back of case from scratches. What's more, the clear case tends to yellow over time, so it's definitely worth keeping in mind when making your purchase. Overall, this particular one case provides good protection without adding much bulk to mobile phoneu. Such a pleasure will cost us $16 USD on US Amazon.

Case Tough Armor & Case Hybrid Armor

case Tough and Hybrid Armor SPIGEN Photos

Photo by author SPIGEN

Next we have the models Tough Armor and Hybrid Armor. Both are very similar to each other with only minor differences. Each cover has a two-layer structure made of polycarbonatenewj casing and a shock-absorbing lining made of TPU plastic, which in combination provides excellent protection for our mobile phoneu. These are veritable military machines, and feature Air Cushion technology on all edges. All cutouts are also precise in both case. The buttons on Tough Armor stick to the case, but still provide a great tactile experience. The Bixby button is easy to find or miss thanks to the different texture that distinguishes it from the volume buttons. On the Hybrid Armor, on the other hand, the buttons are bulged to make them easier to find, but the Bixby button has a different texture, so you can still distinguish it from the volume buttons.

case Tough and Hybrid Armor>

<em>Tough Armor po lewej i Hybrid Armor po prawej</em>

Górna i dolna część przedniej części obu case jest również wybrzuszona, aby chronić ekran i aparat przed wszelkimi zadrapaniami. Inną kluczową różnicą między tymi dwoma pokrowcami jest to, że w Tough Armor widzimy dodaną podpórkę, która jest wygodna do oglądania multimediów. Takiego dodatku nie znajdziemy jednak w modelu Hybrid Armor.

<img src=

The cutouts for the camera, fingerprint, and heart rate sensor are precise and easily accessible on both cases. If you're looking for a cover that offers a little more protection but is still small, Tough Armor and Hybrid Armor is definitely a good choice. Tough Armor is available in a variety of colors such as Gunmetal, Black, Coral Blue, Graphite Grey and more, and the cenew range for this model on US Amazon is $17 to $19. The Hybrid Armor, on the other hand, is only available in Graphite Grey, Black, and Brown, and its price ranges from $15 to $16.

Case Spigen Rugged Armor

Rugged Armor SPIGEN

Photoby SPIGEN

Now let's take a look at one of my favorites case, namely Rugged Armor. Case Rugged Armor is a lightweight case that nevertheless provides military-grade protection with shock-absorbing TPU plastic and Air Cushion technology on all its edges Rugged Armor it only has a matte black finish that resists fingerprints. This model is made of carbon fiber on the top and bottom of the case, which completes its overall look. All the cutouts remain consistently precise and easily accessible. Case it has fully covered and bulged buttons that provide excellent touch response.

Rugged Armor Back photo

The Bixby button has a different texture to help distinguish it from the volume buttons. This was something that wasn't included on last year's Galaxy S8, so it's kind of a positive addition to this year's iteration of the model. The top and bottom of the front case have bulged edges, which adds protection from scratches on the screen and camera lens.

case Rugged Armor Bixby

Overall, the Rugged Armor fits well in the hand, and its small size will still give us proper protection for our Korean mobile phoneu. On the US Amazon, this product can be caught for only $14 USD.

Case Spigen Neo Hybrid

case Neo Hybrid Photo by SPIGEN

Photo by SPIGEN

Finally, we are left to discuss the Neo Hybrid cover, which is one of the most popular case brand SPIGEN. This product is made of shock-absorbing TPU and polycarbonatenewit frame padding, which will give our mobile phonemilitary-level protection. The front of the case has bulged edges to protect the screen from minor scratches. All the cutouts are, as usual in SPIGEN products, precise and easily accessible. The buttons are completely covered and stand out from the rest of the case, though their touch response remains forward. Looking at the back of the case, we see a matte black pattern that effectively neutralizes fingerprints while giving the case a nice, modern look.

case Neo Hybrid 2

If you are looking for a nice case with a slim case but still with excellent protection, Neo Hybrid is definitely an excellent choice. You can find this case on US Amazon in a variety of colors, and it is priced between $16 and $18. And for good measure, that would be it. Let us know in the comments which of these case you like the most and which one you are most likely to try to buy.

Source: juanmtech.com

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