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Phone cases Warsaw

Phone cases shop Warsaw

We sell stationary accessories for phones and tablets, which you can find in 4GSM.com shop. Our shop with phone accessories is located in Warsaw on Śniadeckich 1/15 Street. 

We have a huge selection of accessories for your smartphone: phone cases, tempered glass and protective films, car and bike holders, chargers. We also have service parts available such as displays and batteries (read more about GSM service). We offer professional advice and knowledge based on many years of experience in choosing each product.

Śniadeckich Street 1/15
00-654 Warsaw (Downtown)
Tel. 530 454 530

Phone cases Warsaw

One product that we pride ourselves on having a huge selection of is a phone case. A case is an almost integral addition to your smartphone. It provides security as well as the right look for your equipment.
If the first factor is the most important issue for you, we have hundreds of models of protective covers and armoured cases. These cases provide comprehensive protection for your smartphone against drops, scratches, dirt and fingerprints. They not only protect your smartphone from damage, but also keep it looking neat and tidy. Such a high level of protection is due to the fact that they are made of technologically advanced materials, such as Thermoplastic Polyurethane and Polycarbonate. 

In our stationary shop in Warsaw we will fit cases to almost every iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, Google and many others. We have available covers of well-known and respected brands. Millions of users around the world appreciated Spigen cases, Baseus cases, GUESS phone covers. You can also buy cases from Supcase, Ringke, 3MK, Case-Mate, Forcel and over a hundred other brands. 

The look of a phone in a case is as important a factor as its safety, which is why we are successively expanding our range of cases in response to emerging hardware innovations. Currently, we are able to meet the requirements of a fan of classic, elegant cases, single or multi-coloured, decorated, modern, designer, but also very practical solutions (e.g. Wallet case or cover with a flap). We encourage you to visit our shop in the centre of Warsaw and "try on" the case on your smartphone.

GSM shop in Warsaw - Spigen cases

One of the renowned brands of cases is Spigen. Hundreds of articles of this brand you can buy in our GSM shop in Warsaw. Availability of the product in the store and at 4GSM.com, you can check, by clicking below the banner Add to cart icon Check availability.

Spigen is a brand that for over 10 years is fighting for the highest positions on the GSM accessories market. The manufacturer is famous for its practical solutions retained in the classic design. Spigen cases are some of the most durable and refined in every inch covers for the phone. The most famous series are: Spigen Ultra Hybrid, Rugged Armor, Ultra Hybrid MagSafe, Mag Armor, Liquid Air. We invite you to explore the full range of Spigen cases for your phone.

Baseus Cases-Store Warsaw

A rising star in international markets is the Baseus brand. It is known for producing chargers, cables and phone holders. However, it is worth taking a closer look at it, seeing in it a huge potential as a manufacturer of smartphone cases. Years of experience in the production of GSM accessories, allowed to improve the technology of manufacturing phone covers so that they compete with the best brands, such as the already mentioned Spigen. 

Baseus brand, in contrast to the competition, does not focus on classics. It creates various patterns and shapes of covers. Of course, in our shop in Warsaw you can find transparent, made, multicoloured, military or designer Baseus case. We warmly invite you to visit and test it. We will be happy to provide you with professional advice.

GUESS Cases - GSM shop in Warsaw (City Center)

GUESS brand, usually associated with clothing, firmly entered the field of GSM accessories, creating stylish and unique phone cases. And here quickly took over the area of interest of women. 

The brand, for years identified with high quality women's clothing, translates its experience in creating trends into the creation of exclusive and elegant, yet very practical GUESS cases. Many models of phone cases from this brand you can check in our stationary shop in the centre of Warsaw. You are welcome!