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GSM service in Warsaw. Mobile phone repair Samsung Apple iPhone

Repair of mobile phones-Warsaw. GSM service

Śniadeckich Street 1/15
00-654 Warsaw (Downtown)

530 454 530

Phone repairs Warsaw

In our GSM service in Warsaw we offer repairs of mobile phones. We perform both the replacement of displays and batteries, as well as repair of motherboards. We also deal with data recovery. In addition, we replace tapes, speakers, buttons, etc. We have a large warehouse of service parts, which guarantees quick removal of defects, lower repair costs, we will also make a calculation of the cost-effectiveness of the service. We always strive to deal with the "ailments" of mobile devices that come into the workshop as quickly as possible. We also deal with the exchange of screen glass, installation of tempered glass or film (more information about the exchange of glass in the phone in the service).

We try to run our phone service in Warsaw in such a way as to meet the expectations of our customers and not to expose them to additional stress caused by the damage to their smartphone. We hope, that being satisfied with our service, you will come back, if there is such a need in the future. We recommend ourselves and invite you to use our service. We also sell accessories for phones (read more about the accessories shop). We repair phones of such brands as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, as well as we service Apple iPhone of all generations.

Phone service-Warszawa Centre

The 4GSM-Warsaw (Centre) mobile phone service provides comprehensive mobile phone repairs. Our specialists deal with the replacement of displays and batteries, as well as the repair of motherboards. We also offer data recovery services. We replace tapes, speakers, buttons, etc. We have a large warehouse of service parts, thanks to which we can guarantee a quick removal of defects. Our GSM service Warsaw (Centre) responds to your repair needs, while encouraging you to protect your phone with GSM accessories, such as cases and protective glass, which can be purchased on site. We offer only original accessories of renowned brands, including chargers, batteries, headsets and cables.

We provide GSM service, dealing with the replacement of damaged elements in the phone, but in the offer of the online shop we also have original service parts, such as displays or tapes, which you can replace yourself.

We encourage you to contact our specialists for product advice - choosing accessories, cases, tempered glass and all those who want to replace a non-functioning or damaged part of your device. We guarantee repair of your phone in Warsaw as well as assistance and professional service.

GSM service in Warsaw // Why you should use our offer of mobile phone repair?

GSM service in Warsaw is a place that guarantees professional help in choosing accessories, their installation and repairing damage. 4GSM offers professional service and repair of mobile phones of brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, HTC, LG and many others. Our specialists have years of experience in repairing devices after flooding or deleting data necessary for operation. You can use our services if you want to replace the display and/or digitizer in your smartphone, or recover data.

Contact us by phone: 530 454 530 or visit our GSM service in Warsaw, which is located at Śniadeckich 1/15.

What is the difference between a glass replacement and a display replacement?

In our GSM service in Warsaw we deal with repair of phones also with replacement of glass. This process consists in removing the broken factory display glass and replacing it with a new one. It is possible only in services that have specialist equipment for this purpose. Thanks to this process we retain the original display and touch layer, so the quality of the image does not change. Displays after glass replacement are called "regenerated" or "refurbished" displays. The only difference between such a display and the original one is a non-original glass pane. Display refurbishment is especially recommended to owners of Apple phones due to the limited availability of original iPhone displays.

Replacing a display, on the other hand, involves replacing the entire display module (glass, touch, LCD). The exchange can be made for an original display, a regenerated display or a substitute.