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Samsung S21 Plus Displays LCD Screen

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Replacing the display in the Samsung S21 Plus is a repair of the expensive kind. For the work of the service technician you need to add the price of the S21 Plus display, which is several hundred zlotys. In our store you will buy these products at prices that vary due to the source of origin. It can be a new, original S21 Plus display, coming from disassembly or a replacement, that is, a product compatible with the S21 Plus of another brand. If you do not know which one to choose, we encourage you to contact us, our specialists will help you make a choice. And it is not difficult to damage the phone's LCD screen. The vast majority of smartphone users have had to deal with such an accident more than once. A fall from a height or hitting a Samsung with a heavy object usually results in a broken display glass and the need for replacement.
In our store you will find a large offer of displays for Samsung S21 Plus: new from disassembly and replacements - choose the right one for you.

How much does a display for Samsung S21 Plus cost? Price

You can buy a new display for Samsung S21 Plus from the 4GSM store. This is a high-quality lcd screen, which will be ideal as a replacement part in your phone, even if it is severely damaged. The price of the S21 Plus display on average is 500 zloty. Depending on the type of product and its source, the price may vary. When choosing a new original screen for your Samsung phone, you have to expect a higher cost than for a used part. We are talking about Samsung S21 Plus displays coming from disassembly. These are products where the phone was returned to service or damaged, but the display remained fully operational. In this situation, the component is disassembled and resold as a single part.

How many inches is the display of the S21 Plus?

The display of the Samsung S21 Plus, is one of the larger models in the S21 line. As befits the "plus" version, this phone has a larger screen and it is 6.7" inches. Comparing these dimensions to its successor, in terms of the year of release, the S21 Plus still fares better. Which may come as a bit of a surprise, since most fans of Samsung phones expected an increase rather than a decrease in the number of inches in the displays of the latest models. Especially since Samsung's predecessor, the S21 Plus, also had a 6.7-inch display.

Samsung S21 Plus LCD display glass replacement

As with most smartphones, the display on the Samsung S21 Plus is the most important and expensive part of the phone. The most important, because a significant part of the operation of the device, using touch functions, takes place through the LCD screen. Therefore, it is almost the most expensive component when it comes to repair. Replacing the display on the Samsung S21 Plus, is not the easiest rebuild. For this you need specialized equipment and elementary knowledge of phone construction. Replacing the S21 Plus display at a service center, unfortunately, can be a rather large expense that not everyone can afford. 

In such a situation, buying the display and replacing the glass yourself can be a big savings.


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