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Samsung S21 Displays LCD Screen

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The original screen for the Samsung S21 gives the highest image quality. However, if you don't have time to protect it with, for example, tempered glass and it gets damaged, it is one of the most expensive parts, speaking of repairs. We may also be forced to replace the display on the phone by wear and tear from standard use. It's a component that wears out over time. In such a situation, it is important to consider what type to choose. In the 4GSM store, there are several variants available, which we can most broadly divide into new and used. A new original S21 display is the most difficult to obtain and the rarest model, usually original is a remanufactured or dismantled item. New displays are available as replacements from other brands. Each one is verified by us and classified accordingly: Grade A, B, C, with a defect. So you always know what product you are choosing and what technical condition to expect. They also differ in price: the cheapest option will be a used screen, Grade C with a defect, while the highest price you will pay for a new, original display for Samsung S21.
If you don't know which one to choose for your phone, please contact the staff of our store.


    New screen for Samsung S21

    Planning to replace the screen Samsung S21, you have two options: return the phone to the service center or buy the screen yourself. The first option is of the kind: exclusive services, because such a repair can cost you quite expensive. The second option is the economic version. And here again you have two ways. Buying a new display, you can replace it yourself (if you can!) or have a qualified person do it. If you don't have the right equipment and enough knowledge of how to replace the display in the S21, it's better to put the phone in the hands of professionals.

    In the 4GSM store you will find several variants, including replacements, in the form of displays of other brands than the original one.

    Used displays for S21

    Deciding to buy a used screen for S21, you have a choice between a remanufactured part and one from disassembly. These are used components that have come back for sale again after repair, among other things. Another reason is that the component was disassembled from a defective Samsung phone. If it was a fully operational part, it undergoes tests, verifying correct operation, and returns for sale.

    Each display is properly labeled and you know exactly which display variant you are choosing. In addition, ratings are assigned to the products, indicating the degree of damage or lack thereof.


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