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At 4GSM you'll find phone cases of all kinds - from minimalist, thin variants to models designed to fully protect your device, suitable for AppleSamsung and Huawei phones among others. Among the hundreds of available variants you will find toned down and dark models, as well as very colourful and saturated versions with beautiful colours. Moreover, our offer will meet the expectations of both young people looking for youthful solutions, and older people who prefer more elegant solutions appropriate for their age. Our motto is to offer a full spectrum of all accessories that will meet the expectations of all customers, including those using older models of smartphones. It's also worth knowing that the products available at 4GSM come from respected manufacturers, known around the world for producing excellent quality phone cases, among other things. We invite you to browse our entire assortment and to choose the right model. We assure you of fast processing of transactions, excellent prices and a very wide selection, which will meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

Which phone case to choose? Appearance of cases

In our shop you will find practically every type and form of phone case, and all of them will meet all your needs. If you like subdued solutions full of elegance, class and chic, opt for the black or dark brown variant, made of leather or matte plastic. These models are luxurious and perfectly suited to an elegant style. However, if you live a carefree life and prefer a more casual style, opt for colourful and very saturated cases for your phone. Some models have lettering, others have patterns and still others have pictures or graphics. The choice is yours!

Types and forms of phone cases

There are mainly three types of phone cases - a traditional model for the back of the phone, a case that opens like a book and a cover type variant. The simplest version is placed on the back of the phone and usually covers its entire back and side edges, including the top and bottom. The book-close models are equipped with an additional layer to cover the front of the smartphone. This protects the display from shattering, chipping and breakage at all times. The last variant is the cover. This model is open on one side only, and the phone is placed inside it, sliding it inside. All variants have their supporters and opponents, so we encourage you to choose the model that meets your individual expectations.

Regardless of the type of case, all versions available from 4GSM are perfectly matched to your phone. This means that all the cutouts for ports, speakers, buttons and camera lenses are perfectly aligned, so that the case looks perfect when you put it on, looks great when you do, and is easy to apply. The high quality and excellent workmanship of the cases is ensured by well-known brands such as Spigen, Ringke, Forcell and many others.

Protection or design?

If you like the original look of your phone and prefer the design of the manufacturer, it will be worth choosing a case for your phone made of silicone or transparent plastic. Such a case will already be almost invisible after putting it on, because it is thin and practically imperceptible. However, it is worth knowing that such a model will not sufficiently protect the phone against the consequences of falls from great heights or slamming the smartphone into a door. However, it will perfectly protect the device against scratches and falls from a small height.

The second form of cover for the phone is a protective version. Such cases are usually quite thick and made of very durable and at the same time resilient materials, which provide exemplary safety for the device during a fall even from several meters. Many models are also equipped with raised side edges, which protect the display when the phone is dropped. Their disadvantage, however, is their greater weight and size.

Where to buy a phone case?

GSM accessories such as cases for the phone should be of high quality and available at a low price, because it is worth replacing them depending on the needs and purchase a minimum of several pieces. In our 4GSM shop we offer the best cases available at the lowest price on the market, so we encourage you to purchase all undecided. The various models of phone cases come from well-known manufacturers and are of perfect quality and fit, with durable prints that won't wear off with use. We look forward to buying your phone case!