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Ringke - Cases and Screen Protectors

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Discover the stylish and fashionable Ringke case for your phone. Great workmanship and a unique design will give your phone a touch of character. Ringke is a tried and tested manufacturer of GSM accessories, which has been in the market for over 15 years. This brand is highly valued among smartphone users. Check out the 4GSM shop and choose your dream Ringke Fusion X case, Ringke Onyx case, Ringke Slim case or Ringke Air cover. We provide a wide range of Ringke accessories especially for our customers. Depending on your needs, you can choose the case that offers the best protection for your phone.

Ringke cases to fully protect your phone

While there are hundreds of beautiful cases available on the market, not all of them live up to the expectations of smartphone owners. It's also quite expensive to buy just one, and in a month or two, the look may be outdated. This is when Ringke cases come to the rescue. Thanks to their transparent backs, you can create your own insert design at any time and place it on the back of the case. They allow you to change the look of your phone whenever you want.

Ringke Fusion case

The Ringke Fusion is an extremely lightweight, yet robust case that provides security and strength despite its small size. Made from polycarbonate and reinforced with a shock-absorbing TPU frame. Great fit for your phone and fully functional.

Ringke Fusion X case

The Ringke Fusion X is a case that combines a traditional clear polycarbonate body with a flexible frame, which is stabilised by the innovative X-sharped pattern on the four corners of the case. All these materials, manufacturing techniques and design elements are not just stylistic improvements. They are the results of years of proven quality based on millions of Ringke Fusion products.

Ringke Onyx Case

The Ringke Onyx is a case with an elegant design recommended for those who appreciate a classic look and value precision craftsmanship. What counts most in this model is the material - durable, scratch-resistant. It allows you to securely hold the phone in your hand without worrying about it slipping out. Thanks to the fact that the buttons on the Ringke case fit perfectly into the phone, you can easily charge your smartphone in the case or listen to music using headphones.

Ringke Slim Cover

The Ringke Slim is the case for those who are not a fan of sleeves, but still need to protect their phone. The Ringke Slim adapts perfectly to the body of your phone and, thanks to the ultra-thin material, is practically imperceptible during use. Even so, it absorbs shocks just as well in the event of a fall as other models made of thicker material.

Ringke Air Cover

The Ringke Air is an ultra-thin and lightweight case made from TPU, ensuring a perfect fit to your phone. The flexible but strong thermoplastic polyurethane material provides durability and protection, minimising the effects of everyday use. You can find Ringke Air iPhone X or Ringke Air Galaxy S8 cases at the renowned 4GSM shop. Unique cases at a good price is what sets this brand apart from the competition.

How do you protect your screen? Ringke phone protection films

What about the screen in the event of a fall? Will a Ringke case alone protect the screen enough? To be sure, it is better to invest in a good quality Ringke Invisible Defender film, which absorbs part of the force of a fall. Its big plus, in addition to scratch resistance, is a special oleophobic coating, so you won't leave fingerprints. In addition, the protective film is crystal clear and in no way affects the perception of the image.

So if you want to protect your phone from scratches, drops or screen cracks, you should invest in a high-quality Ringke case and a special protective film. These will ensure that you can enjoy your phone for a really long time, without the need for repairs or service visits. Prevention is better than repair, so don't take any chances and order your case today from 4GSM.