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Tablet Mounts

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The tablet is a very technologically advanced device, the disadvantage of which is relatively high weight and external dimensions. Holding it in your hand is not too difficult, but placing it on the dashboard as a navigation or on the desk as an additional monitor is much more difficult. Tablet holders come to the rescue. Accessories of this kind are useful for several purposes. Some provide the ability to mount the tablet to the dashboard for route mapping, others serve as a handy screen with additional information at the workplace, and others for consuming multimedia content, e.g. watching movies. The 4GSM store offers the best tablet holders from well-known manufacturers. Individual models differ in appearance and the way they perform their functions, as well as in the possibility of personalization, changing the inclination or position. The tablet holder should also be stable, because these devices are very expensive, and their fall, even from a small height, may end up scratching the screen or breaking.

Home tablet holder

The tablet can be used for work, among other things. Many people put it on a desk next to the computer screen, because a large display (even 13 ”) allows you to display information needed to perform a given order, such as technical data, photos or product parameters. A tablet holder in a minimalist form is then necessary, which is placed on the desk. The best of them are those that can be freely set in several planes, then each user can adjust the angle of the tablet to their own needs.

When consuming multimedia content, especially watching movies or reading for a long time, convenience is among other things. Tablet holders can be put, for example, on a desk and watch movies directly from your favorite armchair or placed right in front of your eyes lying on your stomach. The possibilities are endless and it is worth taking advantage of them. Holding this massive device in your hand for the entire duration of a long movie or several episodes of a series will certainly not be comfortable.

Which car tablet holder is the best?

The tablet is a large and massive device, therefore stability and strength are required from the car mount. In our 4GSM store you will find the best car mounts that will secure your tablet while traveling, and at the same time will also be an interesting decoration of the dashboard. The models differ mainly in color, which should be matched to the color of the interior of the vehicle, and in shape. The offer will find something for both supporters of minimalism and people who expect the possibility of setting the device in many levels. A telescopic arm and a solid suction cup help in this.

Tablet holder for a bicycle - an interesting technical novelty

You don't have to part with your favorite tablet while cycling. Storing it in a backpack is a good idea, but then you lose the ability to, for example, navigate or easily change the current song, while keeping the tablet in your pocket is also very dangerous. The tablet holder for a bicycle allows you to mount it to the steering wheel, so you can have it in front of you and monitor your heart rate (using special smartwatches), calories burned, kilometers traveled or the time of continuous driving. You just need to install the appropriate application and monitor your actions, successes and development. Order the best tablet holders today in our 4GSM store and enjoy the safe and comfortable use of this device in all conditions.