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Tempered glass for tablets

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Modern tablets are characterized by a large, beautiful screen that looks very impressive. However, it is worth being aware that the tablet screen is very delicate, and therefore prone to mechanical damage. Most often, in the event of improper use, it causes scratches, chipping, and in the worst case, cracks and bruises. Therefore, at the stage of purchasing the tablet, it is worth taking care of its proper protection. You can protect the tablet screen with tempered glass, which you can find in our store's offer. At 4GSM, we have a wide selection of tablet-compatible tempered glasses from the world's largest brands. Among them there are tempered glass for tablets from Samsung, Apple, Lenovo and many others. You can buy each of them at a really bargain price. Choosing tempered glass for a tablet from our store's offer, you are guaranteed perfect display protection, perfect fit and reliable durability that will accompany you throughout the entire period of use.

Tablet tempered glass - high quality of offered products!

Tempered glass is one of the simplest, cheapest, but also the most effective ways to protect the screen in a tablet. Therefore, when creating the offer of tempered glass for tablets in the 4GSM store, we made sure that they were only the highest quality products, coming from well-known and respected distributors and available at a customer-friendly price. The models presented by us are characterized by a very thoughtful design, which on the one hand is to protect the device as much as possible, and on the other hand, to be comfortable and functional in use. The offered glasses do not disturb the colors of the displayed colors and guarantee full sensitivity to touch. Their undoubted advantage is also a small thickness, only 0.2 mm, which makes the presented glass very flexible, and at the same time characterized by extraordinary hardness. The offer includes models defined by a real hardness scale from 7 to 9H on a 10-point Mohs scale.

Other advantages of tempered glass for tablets

Modern tablet tempered glass, in addition to purely protective advantages, are also characterized by excellent durability and a perfect fit. Precise cutouts for buttons, camera and other ports ensure a perfect fit for a given model. In addition, the products we offer have a special nano coating that reduces the number of fingerprints to a practically minimum, and thus protects the tablet against dirt and contamination. It is worth emphasizing once again that the tempered glass available in the 4GSM store's offer does not affect the functioning of the tablets in any way; do not reduce the sensitivity of touch and do not disturb the color tone of the display.

How to put a tempered glass on a tablet?

The application of tempered glass to a tablet from the 4GSM offer is very simple, but requires appropriate precision and compliance with the manufacturer's instructions. The process of gluing glass is best carried out in a steamy bathroom, right after bathing. The water vapor will absorb all airborne dust so that it will not interfere with the glass installation. The screen surface should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased with a special cloth included in the kit, and then polished. Fit the glass very carefully into all the cutouts and then press it against the screen with some circular movements to get rid of all air bubbles. Correctly installed tempered glass for the tablet will serve you throughout its life. See for yourself!