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Tempered glass for Apple SmartWatch

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Smartwatches are now one of the fastest growing electronics categories. This is mainly due to the increasing technical advancement of these devices. They used to have only basic functions - they took pictures and served as a handy address book. But now it is different. Smartwatches are a fully-fledged electronic device that has the same functions as a modern smartphone, and at the same time they are small and fit on the wrist. It is worth protecting the most valuable component of this device - the display. The tempered glass for the smartwatch with a hardness degree of 9H is used for this. It perfectly protects the screen against small and very deep scratches, as well as against breakages to a certain extent, and at the same time it is not visible after application and does not interfere with use. They are easy to stick, without bubbles and kinks, and thanks to the low price in the 4GSM store, you can buy a few spare and replace when broken or worn out. It is worth knowing that the cost of replacing the display in smartwatches is very high and often exceeds the cost of purchasing a new device. Therefore, order the Apple Watch Tempered Glass at 4GSM today!

Tempered glass on Apple watch - why should you have one?

Tempered glass is a material that perfectly protects against most mechanical damage due to its high hardness, which is 9H on the 10-point Mohs hardness scale. Thanks to this, the tempered glass for the smartwatch remains in perfect condition for a very long time of use and protects the screen underneath from most unpleasant damage. Small microcracks and larger scratches effectively change the aesthetics of a given device and make it less attractive and more worn-out. In turn, cracks or tears in the display are a much more difficult situation. Then the owner is forced to replace the entire smartwatch with a new one or to expensive repair related to the purchase and replacement of the display itself.

The tempered glass of the Apple Watch also protects against major damage, such as bruises. This is because toughened glass, thanks to its hardness, is a kind of safety buffer and takes all the energy generated when hitting a smartwatch against a hard surface.

Fitting the tempered glass on the Apple Watch

It is also worth knowing that the Apple Watch tempered glass looks great after installation, which is due to the perfect fit of the glass to a given generation of smartwatch. The glass perfectly reflects each curvature of the watch and does not significantly increase its thickness or other external dimensions, and thanks to the precise cutting it does not interfere with use. Importantly, the tempered glass for Apple's smartwatch is also practically 100% transparent, so it does not change the quality of the displayed image, including sharpness, detail or colors.

We invite you to buy a modern tempered glass that will protect the display of your smartwatch from most damage. Keep its perfect condition throughout its useful life and enjoy its design for many years after purchase. We provide the highest quality of the offered models as well as their fast delivery and safe packaging.