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Tempered glass for Samsung phone

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If you own a Samsung, you probably know how important it is to protect your screen. For both the Samsung Galaxy A50 and the Galaxy S20, an essential accessory is protective glass. It is worth knowing the advantages that Samsung tempered glass has. First of all, during production it undergoes a process that increases its strength properties by 300%. In addition, it is almost imperceptible, extremely thin coating. High quality Samsung tempered glass in no way affects the sensitivity of the touch functions of the screen. You can be sure that it will not hinder your visibility or change the colour saturation. It is not only full, but also functional protection of the screen. By using such protection you will avoid costly repairs and visits to the service. Samsung tempered glass will protect your phone if you drop it or if it slips out of your pocket. You will be protected against screen breakage. Samsung tempered glass prevents the surface of the display from scratching. Interestingly, thanks to its high level of smoothness, the glass is difficult to get dirty. No pollen or dust settles on it, no fingerprints remain. Samsung tempered glass is an essential accessory for every smartphone.

Types of protective accessories - Samsung tempered glass and others

The first idea that comes to mind when thinking about screen protection is Samsung tempered glass. Is it right? Is it the best choice? What other accessories can protect a Samsung display? These are many of the questions that arise in our minds when we buy accessories that we are not necessarily familiar with. We will try to introduce you to the most common means of protection, such as Samsung tempered glass and protective film, and highlight their strengths.

Samsung tempered glass - special features

Buying Samsung tempered glass at 4GSM will always be a good decision. It is a highly durable product that is able to protect the screen of your smartphone from damage. The thickness of the glass varies between 0.4 and 0.15 mm. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Thin material is almost unnoticeable, but it will not guarantee as high strength as a 0.3-millimetre one. It is therefore worth contrasting this figure with the strength level of the glass. It is marked with a number from 1 to 10 and ends with the letter H. In the offer of our shop you will find Samsung 9H tempered glass which guarantees almost 100% protection.

Is the protective foil better than Samsung tempered glass?

The protective foil has the same function as the Samsung tempered glass, however, it differs in several properties. Glass is a hard material compared to film. This protection is a very flexible coating, which for the proponents turns out to be a great advantage. First of all, it simplifies the installation method. In addition, a high-quality protective film is a thin material, as a rule not affecting the comfort of use of the smartphone. Unfortunately, buying in an untested place, you can end up with non-original products, copies hidden under the names of well-known manufacturers. Such accessories hinder the use of touch functions and reduce the visibility of the screen. Do not be fooled by suspiciously cheap accessories and buy from reliable places like 4GSM. A protective foil is thin and flexible, but does not guarantee as high a level of protection as Samsung tempered glass. The final choice is up to you.