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Tempered glass for the OnePlus phone

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The offer of our 4GSM online store includes a wide selection of accessories for various phone models, and the most popular and most popular are the OnePlus tempered glass. There is nothing surprising in it, as these are accessories that effectively protect the smartphone screen against mechanical damage. They constitute a kind of cover which, thanks to its durability and resistance, perfectly protects the display against breakages, cracks and scratches. The presented OnePlus toughened glass has many advantages that are worth knowing . First of all, their application is extremely easy and fast, so there is no need to go to the assembly point, because the glass can be glued at home. The entire application will not take more than a few moments, and special cutouts for speakers and buttons allow you to evenly stick the glass on the screen, and also do not reduce the functionality of the smartphone in any way.

Top-quality OnePlus tempered glass only in 4GSM

The OnePlus tempered glass offered in our assortment is an excellent choice in any case. These accessories do not leave a trace after removal, and when properly glued, they are able to protect the display for a very long time. The glasses adhere perfectly to the screen surface and are completely transparent, thanks to which they guarantee a good representation of the displayed image on the screen, both in terms of color, saturation, as well as contrast and sharpness of details. In addition, during application, no unsightly air bubbles are formed because the glasses are thin and very stiff. The use of tempered glass on the phone minimizes the occurrence of a permanent defect in almost 100% .

Touch phones are currently the most popular models, which is why manufacturers of toughened glass made sure that their protective products did not have a negative impact on the touch functions of devices. In addition, most lenses have a special coating that prevents fingerprints and greasy stains on their surface, thanks to which the smartphone looks perfect in every situation. We offer only proven and effective phone accessories, available at attractive prices, so every smartphone user can afford them. Our offer is directed primarily to people who want to protect their phone against damage, which is often expensive to repair or completely unprofitable. We cordially invite you to purchase, and if you have any questions, please contact our customer service office.