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Tempered Glass - Huawei

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The smartphone display is one of its most essential parts. It displays all data, including photos and videos, and allows you to make calls or browse the Internet. In a word - without a display the phone could not exist. However, it is also the most delicate element and the most expensive to repair, mainly due to the very precise technique of execution. It is prone to scratches, cracks and breaks, so it is worth protecting it by all means to avoid a very expensive replacement. For this purpose, there are, among others, tempered glass for the phone, the task of which is to protect the phone screen against dents and damage. A fall from a height of several dozen centimeters may cause irreparable damage to the display, including breakage or glass damage. The models available in our 4GSM store are characterized by excellent quality and a perfect fit for a given Huawei model. They perfectly reflect the shape of the front and back of the phone and serve not only as a display protection, but also as a way to improve the properties of the screen. Be sure to get to know all our models and enjoy the protection of your smartphone and preserved utility values.

How does Huawei tempered glass work?

Huawei tempered glass provides excellent protection of the entire display. This material was created in a special hardening process, which makes the glass resistant to most mechanical damage. As a result of toughening, the glass achieves the level of 9H on the 10-point Mohs hardness scale and becomes resistant to materials such as metal, plastic or wood, which in direct contact with plastic leaves deeper or shallower scratches.

However, this is not the end of the advantages of Huawei tempered glass. Due to their great hardness, glass absorbs a large part of the kinetic energy when it falls and thus protects the display underneath. Thanks to this, the screen does not have to break after a fall of the phone, on the contrary, the Huawei tempered glass protects it perfectly.

Important features of tempered glasses for phones

A special glue has been placed underneath it, which makes it easier to stick and at the same time does not leave any traces when removed. As a result, the phone retains its visual qualities and does not deteriorate even after many years of use of tempered glass. Fit is just as important. All variants from the 4GSM store come from well-liked and very popular manufacturers who took care of their highest quality. All edges are perfectly smoothed, and the cutouts for buttons or the loudspeaker are made very precisely and with great attention to the smallest details. The best-fitted lenses have a black frame around, which is to imitate the original phone display. Then, after putting it on, it remains completely invisible.

The tempered glass available in our store fits, among others, Huawei P30 , P20 and P10 phones, which are the most popular models of this manufacturer. They do not change the quality of the displayed image and do not adversely affect the touch functions of the smartphone. What's more, thanks to the oleophobic and very smooth surface, the glass can increase the comfort of using the phone, as it provides the fingers with a smooth glide when moving across the screen. Order tempered glass for Huawei today at the best price on the market and take advantage of their utility values today. We also invite you to contact us for answers to your questions.