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Phone cases

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Each phone is very vulnerable to damage caused during typical use. Placing it on a dirty counter, a fall from a low or high height or a significant scratch are factors encouraging to replace the housing - the element that is by far the most visible. Even the most beautiful model of a modern phone with a damaged back, front or side edges is unattractive and looks neglected. That is why it is worth replacing the housing with a new one and regaining the joy of using a given smartphone model. In our store you will find the best phone cases. All meet stringent standards and are either completely new or used from disassembly. We have described individual models very precisely on our website, because we know perfectly well that it is the most important part of the phone for many users. The offer includes, among others, fronts, as well as battery covers, bodies and sets, or keyboards for slightly older models. We ship orders quickly and without undue delay, ensuring that the ordered phone cases reach the customer as soon as possible.

Are phone cases durable?

Each smartphone is exposed to damage, even the one we keep in a protective cover. How is this possible? Well, a smartphone is a very delicate device that can even scratch a grain of sand. Such a grain can fall into the case and create many deep scratches on the phone casing that cannot be removed or covered up. It is even worse when we use the phone without a cover. Then even placing the phone on the counter can cause many scratches. Similarly, when a smartphone falls on a hard surface - dents and various types of dents may appear. Therefore, the cases are quite durable and protect the internal components of the phone well, but they are susceptible to visual damage, which reduces the attractiveness of each smartphone.

Is it worth replacing the phone case?

Definitely yes! Damage and thus reducing the attractiveness of the phone is very painful for every user. Even a few quite deep scratches can reduce the joy of using a given phone, so it's worth replacing the entire housing and enjoying a visually perfect smartphone. Remember, however, that it is quite a difficult process. Phone cases are quite complicated at the moment and may require a lot of steps when replacing them with a new one, e.g. prying or removing the display. It is best to have a qualified service technician who will know how to handle a given device model.

Phone cases - a way to change the look of your device

It is worth knowing that replacing the housing can revive the phone - just choose a different one than the one we had at the very beginning. This is a very interesting solution that has many supporters. What is it about? Well, if we own a silver iPhone 5S, maybe it will be good to opt for the gold version? It is also worth creating an unconventional connection that the manufacturer did not envisage, for example by installing the gold back on the black front in the iPhone 7. Remember, however, that when you replace the back with another one, the specification of our model on the manufacturer's website will remain the same as on the day of purchase.

Why is it worth buying a phone case at 4GSM?

In our store you will find only selected, reliable and excellently made phone cases of the highest quality. All of them come from reputable manufacturers and are very precisely checked for their appearance and durability. Feel free to buy the best models today!

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