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Phone battery

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Batteries are required in every smartphone to ensure long hours of operation after disconnecting the mains power. Unfortunately, it is typical of batteries that their capacity decreases over time, and in extreme cases also the voltage. The progressive degradation causes the battery life to be drastically shortened, and the smartphone can behave in a rather unpredictable way, e.g. by suddenly turning off the device. Phone batteries are durable and provide a perfect current voltage, and are also quite cheap to produce, so it is worth replacing them immediately after noticing a decrease in efficiency. In the 4GSM store you will find the best and cheapest phone batteries, both new and disassembled versions, which are original and in excellent condition, because we always check them before shipment and thoroughly test them. The models available in our store come from reputable manufacturers who know the subject of phone batteries very well. In turn, the models from the disassembly are original and provide quality and durability as provided by the manufacturer of the phone. If you notice any signs of battery aging and want to regain the long battery life of Apple , Samsung , LG and Huawei smartphones, make sure you buy a new battery.

A few words about phone batteries

Battery degradation progresses with the use of the phone and depends both on the way it is used and the habits of the owner. What does it mean? That the producers are not able to predict the battery life, because they do not know the habits of each owner separately. The decrease in capacity is percentage and depends on the full charge cycles (from zero to full battery) that have the greatest impact on reducing it. Similarly with the heat generated. When charging (especially with fast chargers), a very large amount of it is created, which is a big problem, because it reduces the capacity by several tenths of a percent each time.

What are the degradation effects of phone batteries

Phone batteries are subject to degradation, which is perfectly visible to the user. The most famous and visible symptom of reducing battery capacity is the ever shorter working time of the smartphone. If previously we were able to use the phone for 10 hours without a break, then after losing a few percent, this time may be reduced even by a half!

Another very annoying symptom of a decaying battery is the sudden shutdown of the phone. How does it happend? A broken battery is not able to provide the voltage required by the components of a given smartphone. Then the phone suddenly turns off. Exactly the same way as if someone unplugged the computer's power plug for literally half a second. However, the swelling is the most dangerous. The battery may begin to bulge at some point, which may cause it to explode and burn or damage other phone components.

Best phone batteries? Only at 4GSM!

In 4GSM you will find the best and carefully selected batteries that meet all the expectations of the most demanding users. The new models come from excellent manufacturers who are well-versed in their production. On the other hand, the original variants, which come from professional disassembly, have high efficiency and capacity, and at the same time meet the parameters expected by the manufacturer. In our store, we only offer high-quality products. We describe all the items perfectly and we try to make the purchases run without any problems.