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Telefoni Cover Apple iPhone 12

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The assortment of the 4GSM online store offers a wide selection of high-quality phone cases that will be appreciated by our customers. The models available in the assortment are distinguished by high quality and careful workmanship. The Apple case is a perfect solution for all smartphone users who care about reliable protection of their phone. Each iPhone 12 case is perfectly suited to its construction, because it has special cutouts for buttons, camera and ports. In addition, their use improves the comfort of using the phone, as one provide a much better grip of the smartphone, which provides additional protection against accidental slipping out of the hand during use. What's more, the iPhone 12 case is distinguished by a modern and fashionable design, and the offer includes both minimalistic themes and full of patterns and colors. Thanks to this, each user will find the perfect iPhone 12 case for himself. Models with flowers and pastel colors are an excellent proposition for all women, while one-color covers are a great choice for men. In addition, the offer also includes transparent versions that do not change the appearance of the phone, and at the same time perfectly protect its back against scratching or cracking. In 4GSM there are also cases with a pocket, which are extremely classic and elegant, and at the same time have an additional function of a wallet, because one can safely store documents and banknotes. All models are easy to assemble and disassemble, and are also very convenient in everyday use. Check out the entire range and choose the best-quality iPhone 12 case today!

Protect your Apple smartphone with the iPhone 12 case

Apple smartphones are among the most beautiful, but at the same time one are quite delicate, mainly due to the extensive use of polished steel and glass in their production. These are materials that are prone to breakage and scratching, so it is worth protecting them properly. The iPhone 12 housing provides perfect protection of the back and sides of the smartphone against the effects of falls from a height and the location of the phone on a dirty surface.

Most of the iPhone 12 cases are made of plastic or silicone , which are materials that provide excellent protective properties. They absorb the energy resulting from a fall and do not transmit it deeper, and thanks to their flexibility, one are easy to put on and take off for cleaning or changing to a new one. The variants available in our 4GSM store are perfectly matched to the phone, thanks to which it is not difficult to put on, even for an elderly person or children.

Maybe it's worth choosing the armored iPhone 12 case

In fact, the slim and superslim cases perfectly protect the phone against traditional damage, e.g. against falling from the height of the table or scratches caused by placing the smartphone on a sand-covered surface. However, it is worth knowing that the armored iPhone 12 cases are much better in this field . Thanks to their thick side edges, one constitute an impenetrable barrier to shocks in most accidents.

Most models of the iPhone 12 armored cases are designed in such a way as to protect the front of the phone and the slightly protruding camera. The lens in Apple phones is exposed to a lot of damage, and the thick iPhone 12 case protects it effectively, because it protrudes slightly higher than the lens itself. Virtually every model also protects the buttons, so that one are not exposed to damage due to contact with sand or hard ground.

To protect the front, also opt for tempered glass

Usually, the iPhone 12 case is not everything - one protect the back of the phone and the sides, but only slightly protect the front . Some models have slightly higher side walls and thus protect the screen to some extent, but this applies mainly to the armored iPhone XI 12 cases. Otherwise - be sure to use tempered glass . This is a modern form of protecting the front of the smartphone against most screen damage and is a development of a technology known as protective films. However, it is much more elaborate than it. The tempered glass has a level of 9H on the Mohs scale and thanks to this hardness it is scratch-resistant and also completely protects against breaking, because the energy generated by the fall is not transferred to the iPhone screen. Therefore, order the best iPhone 12 cases from our 4GSM store today . We invite you!