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Tempered glass for the Xiaomi Mi 9 phone

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Tempered MI9 glass is a great way to keep your display in perfect condition throughout its lifetime. How is this possible? Tempered glass is characterized by a hardness of 9H and protects against accidents such as breakage, cracks and dents on the display and against more mundane matters such as the formation of scratches of various depths or screen dullness due to contact with certain substances. Tempered glass for the Xiaomi MI9 phone is designed to completely protect the front of the display , so it is definitely worth using it and getting complete peace of mind. What's more, the glass is easy to stick and easy to remove, and thanks to the very attractive price, you can order several pieces at once. However, it is worth being interested in the origin. The Xiaomi MI9 tempered glass is often counterfeit, so you should only order it from proven sources that have only genuine, reliable and fully legal products. 4GSM is such a source. We invite you to browse through the entire category.

Why are Xiaomi tempered glass so popular?

Tempered glass MI 9 is popular, among other things, for its excellent protective properties, which is why most people put it on on the first day of having a new phone. This accessory, thanks to its 9H hardness on the 10-point Mohs scale, is resistant to most of the damage that is sure to happen to any user of this handy device. Smaller or larger scratches, screen chips or breakage are just some of the problems faced by thousands of people every day. Importantly, displays are very expensive to repair. It is not the case where the replacement of the screen at the manufacturer's authorized service, beyond the warranty, exceeds half the value of a new phone. This makes these more responsible buyers of new smartphones protect them from this eventuality by using tempered glass for the phone .

Discover the properties of Mi9 toughened glass

Xiaomi tempered glass , apart from resistance, of course, also have other and equally important advantages. One of the most important is the fact that they are very easy to stick on. Literally every phone user can handle this process, because the glass is stiff and there are no unsightly air bubbles underneath. Another advantage is transparency and other technical characteristics. After sticking the tempered glass, the smartphone screen looks exactly like before sticking. Neither its brightness, contrast, saturation or number of colors changes, nor the detail of the images displayed on it. It is also worth knowing that the Xiaomi MI9 tempered glass is slippery, so it does not interfere in any way when using the phone.

Xiaomi tempered glass and the fit for the MI9 phone

A very important information for buyers of the Xiaomi MI9 tempered glass is also the fact that they are perfectly suited to this phone model. Each edge is perfectly finished and milled, thanks to which it not only perfectly matches the shape of the phone, but is also not irritating to the user. The previous generation MI9 toughened glass was much worse in this field. The edges were quite sharp and stood out from the surface of the phone screen, which meant that few people decided to use them. This, however, is in the past. Now the Xiaomi MI9 tempered glass fits perfectly and in most cases will remain completely invisible after being put on. However, it is worth buying models from a proven source. In our store you will find Xiaomi tempered glass from the best manufacturers who are famous for their production around the world. We invite you today.

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