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Phone Screen Protectors

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Smartphone manufacturers are trying to make their model a big international success immediately after its premiere. That is why companies equip their phones with displays protected, among others, by hardened Gorilla Glass. Although it was intended to be an effective protection against scratches, it turns out that even the smallest grain of sand is able to cause a large, permanent scratch on their surface. How to protect yourself from them? It is worth using protective films on the phone, which protect the display mainly against scratches, scratches, tarnishing and dirt on the screen with glue, varnishes or paint. Although toughened glass is now the most popular, in many cases the choice of protective foil will be a bit better. It is therefore worth reviewing all the films offered in our 4GSM store and choosing the model that matches our smartphone. We recommend in particular those intended for Apple , Samsung , Huawei and Xiaomi smartphones, as well as many other manufacturers. All of them are perfectly cut and fit perfectly on any phone, so they literally bond with it into one whole. What does this mean for the user? Convenience, security and peace of mind.

Characteristics of the screen protector for the phone

In the past, typical phone protectors were soft, poorly fitted and also changed the quality of the displayed image. In practice, this meant that there were no advantages to using them. They did not protect against scratches and the effects of falls, and at the same time irritated with their presence, because they changed the way the user interacts with the phone - they were more matte, and the finger did not slide freely on them.

But now it is completely different. The foils have undergone a metamorphosis and have become harder and thicker, and at the same time more flexible, which is why they also better reflect the semi-circular curves of each phone. This is why their use has gone beyond screen protection - they are also widely used in the protection of the entire housing. Thanks to the precise cutting by the manufacturer, already at the production stage, they perfectly fit both the back and sides as well as the bottom and top of each smartphone, so they can protect the entire device.

Screen Protector as a form of smartphone housing?

Modern customers often carry phones without any covers or additional cases. However, manufacturers use materials that are easily damaged, such as glass or soft aluminum, in the production of smartphones. As a result, the user is left with a fait accompli - he is left with either hiding the design of the phone in the case, or fear of scratching and tarnishing.

Phone protective films - characteristics and interesting features

The protective foil is quite easy to apply, but requires some time to do this. It is worth making it easier for yourself by sticking a foil in the bathroom after a bath - the moisture in the air will cause the dust and small dirt to fall down. It is also important to choose the right model of a given manufacturer. Companies producing telephone protective films care about their higher quality and durability, which is why the 4GSM offer includes both "ordinary" films, as well as those very technically advanced. What features are worth paying attention to? It is worth knowing, among other things, the surface hardness, which can be up to 7H for models equipped with a ceramic coating. Some variants are also equipped with positioning markings (greatly simplify assembly) and bubble-free technology that ensures a perfect result after application.

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