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iPhone Service Warsaw - Replacement of Battery Glass - Repair of Apple Phones

iPhone Service Warsaw

Do you need a professional and reliable iPhone repair service in Warsaw? If so, you should use the offer of our 4GSM service on Śniadeckich 1/15 street in the centre of Warsaw. This is a company with many years of experience in the market, which not only provides service, but also has a large assortment of original Apple parts for virtually all models of iPhone. These are both new, disassembled and reconditioned products. Thanks to our wide range of service parts, we can use them when repairing your iPhone and reduce service times to a minimum.

To protect and enhance the comfort of your iPhone, it is worth using the available GSM accessories for your Apple phone, which you can buy in our shop at the service point. High-quality cases, tempered glass, original chargers, cables, headphones and much more await you to make your everyday use even more pleasant.

All this is waiting for you in a convenient location of Warsaw Downtown in its centre. For convenience, we also offer mail order repair for iPhone owners.

Battery replacement iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and many others - Warsaw centre

We're all aware that the battery is a consumable part that degrades over time and its properties deteriorate. This is why many people replace their iPhone battery to extend the life of their device. We offer an iPhone battery replacement service for all owners of failing cells. We have genuine Apple batteries, both new and remanufactured from new devices, which are tested for life and percentage wear and tear. This all affects the quality of the service and gives you the opportunity to decide what you want and for how much. We care about customer satisfaction and therefore we always try to advise what the best solution will be.

Glass replacement: iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 4

One of the most common reasons for visiting an iPhone service centre is to replace a broken glass in the display or install a new one. We are prepared for this circumstance and have a large selection of screens for most iPhone models on site, on request we also import them from our central warehouse. We take care of the fastest possible repair time (replacing the glass) and the possibility of choosing the iPhone display. There are original, new, disassembled and remanufactured products. This allows us to make several proposals and help you choose the right item. This will be a major factor in the price of the replacement and the cost of the display itself. Read more about glass replacement in our service.

iPhone repair Warsaw

A damaged iPhone body is also a reason to visit a GSM service centre, as even a small deformation of the case can negatively affect the operation of the iPhone. It often causes stress on the motherboard, which can affect its malfunction. It is worth knowing about this. We offer Apple disassembly bodies that can be swapped out and refurbish your iPhone. 

If there are problems with the charging or headphone jack on the iPhone or the camera stops working properly, it is worth going to a specialist for help. Exactly the same applies to replacement of physical buttons such as volume or lock buttons. In our service in Warsaw we remove this type of defects, restoring proper functioning of the phone. 

Customised iPhone 4GSM service

At 4GSM.com, we strive to meet our customers' expectations and offer competitive prices for iPhone repair. Many years of experience in the industry and a large stock of spare parts guarantee high quality service and fast iPhone repairs. We are constantly trying to improve our service, stationary shop and online shop offer and present an increasingly higher level of service.

We invite you to visit our iPhone service in Warsaw, both in case of serious damage to the phone, and the smallest problems with the use of equipment. We are glad that customers who have trusted us are eager to return and use our knowledge and experience again.