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Glass Replacement or Display Repair in Warsaw

Replacing the glass in your phone

The telephone is a tool that accompanies us for most of the day, replacing many devices. Calling, texting, checking information, weather, navigation, creating and playing multimedia, entertainment. The expanding range of possibilities associated with the development of new generations makes it hard to do without a smartphone. Unfortunately, with such a workload and the multitude of situations that we encounter every day, it is not difficult to damage it. Most people who use their phone often and intensively protect it by putting on a case, tempered glass or screen protector. This definitely reduces the risk of damage, but does not rule it out completely. 

If, unfortunately, we are not lucky or the phone falls one too many times, the display may not withstand this. A visit to a service centre, repair and considerable expense await us. However, there is an economical way out of such a situation, namely the replacement of a broken glass iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and almost any other phone. You can, of course, install the original display or find a used one from disassembly. However, these options are more expensive. Replacing the glass is a longer process, but as long as professional replacement glass is used, it will not significantly affect the quality and comfort of use of the smartphone. 

What is glass replacement in a phone? How much does it cost?

If you decide to replace the glass in your phone, you can say that the display of your phone will be remanufactured. This means that the replacement of the broken glass with a new one will take place in a technological process, where the original display is used. The repair consists of disassembling the display into layers and replacing the damaged surface glass, sometimes also the touchscreen if necessary. This requires specialised tools and materials and, above all, a great deal of skill on the part of the repairer. It is a process that requires precision and is not always successful the first time. While the purchase price of a new display is a considerable expense, the replacement of a glass costs less. It is usually several hundred PLN, depending on the model of the phone. We invite you to our repair centre in Warsaw at Śniadeckich 1/15, where the service technician will precisely estimate the value of the repair.

Replacing a broken iPhone glass - repair point Warsaw

iPhone owners are already choosing to spend a lot of money to own an Apple-branded product when they buy it. In addition, the warranty for the company's devices is only 12 months. All this means that damage to the display is associated with a high cost. A large number of people buy second-hand iPhones to be able to afford Apple equipment. However, it is not uncommon for them to have a cracked or completely broken glass. In such a situation in our service in Warsaw we look for the cheapest way to remove the defect and we decide to replace the glass or touch panel in iPhone 5, 6, 7, 6s, 8. On site we usually have available for purchase regenerated displays for selected models of smartphones, which shortens the time of replacement. Additionally we can collect the damaged display.

Glass replacement Samsung Galaxy-Warsaw

Amoled displays on Samsung Galaxy phones offer great picture quality and convenience, but their price in case of replacement is also quite high. This is why many people choose to replace a broken Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, or J5 glass. This is a saving with the guarantee of preserving the effect of the original Amoled display. Our offer includes repairing phones, including replacement of Samsung glass (service in Warsaw at Śniadeckich 1/15 in the centre). There is also a possibility of mail-order repair. To speed up the whole process we have regenerated Samsung displays of some models, which influences the repair time.

Cracked glass in Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, OPPO and Realme phones and more

Of course, the offer also applies to owners of phone brands: Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Realme and others. We will replace the display and repair the broken screen glass for most smartphones on the market. 4GSM is located in the centre of Warsaw. We guarantee professional service and assistance in choosing the best option for you. Additionally, we have regenerated displays for many models of smartphones. In order to reduce the cost of replacement, we also accept damaged displays as payment.

We invite you to visit our service 4GSM.com in the repair and replacement of glass or display in your phone.


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