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Gaming soundbar Edifier HECATE G1500 Bar (white)

  • Gaming soundbar Edifier HECATE G1500 Bar (white)
  • Gaming soundbar Edifier HECATE G1500 Bar (white)
  • Gaming soundbar Edifier HECATE G1500 Bar (white)
  • Gaming soundbar Edifier HECATE G1500 Bar (white)
  • Gaming soundbar Edifier HECATE G1500 Bar (white)
  • Gaming soundbar Edifier HECATE G1500 Bar (white)
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Výrobce: Edifier
Kód výrobce: G1500 bar white
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Gaming soundbar Edifier HECATE G1500 Bar (white).

Experience a new dimension of sound and get swept up in the gameplay with the Edifier HECATE G1500 Bar soundbar! Equipped with 2 full-range speakers and 2 passive radiators, it delivers fantastic sound quality. The Hecate Gaming Center 7.1 sound effect will draw you into the virtual world of gaming, surrounding you with sounds from every direction. It offers 3 playback modes to suit different needs, and its colorful RGB backlighting will create an amazing atmosphere in your room.


Experience the full depth of sound

Ready for immersive sound? Turn on the G1500 Bar soundbar and discover a whole new dimension of sound! The soundbar is equipped with two full-range speakers and 2 passive radiators, so you'll experience full depth and detail in every sound you play. The powerful bass will make you feel like you're at a concert! With a wide frequency response of 120Hz-20kHz and a peak power of 10 watts, you'll enjoy stunning, high-quality sound whether you're listening to music, watching movies or playing games.


Transport yourself to the virtual world of gaming

Now you can easily hear the footsteps of an approaching opponent and anticipate their movements! Hecate Gaming Center 7 sound effect1 combined with surround sound will take you right into the middle of the action, surrounding you with sounds from every direction. It will make you feel like the main character of your favorite game, whether you're fighting on the battlefield or exploring outer space!


3 playback modes

The soundbar is designed for different usage scenarios. It offers 3 playback modes, so you can easily adjust its performance to your requirements. Music mode is perfect for listening to music - it will emphasize the highlights of your favorite tracks. Movie mode will provide an even better experience when watching movies, and Game will allow you to fully immerse yourself in your gameplay.


Stay in touch with others

Talk freely with other players and plan tactics for your next game! You'll find a detachable, omnidirectional microphone included for clear conversations. Thanks to the intelligent noise cancellation system, you can be sure that your interlocutors will easily hear what you have to say to them. Thanks to its flexible design, you can adjust its position, and with the dedicated button you can instantly mute the microphone when you don't need it.


RGB backlighting

Emphasize the character of your gaming stand! The soundbar offers colorful RGB backlighting to make your gaming experience even more immersive. Choose from 13 dynamic effects to liven up your gaming area with interesting visuals. At your disposal is, among others, Rhythm mode, will make the light dance to the rhythm of your favorite songs, or Breathing, which will make the light pulsate gently, like your breath. With 168 million colors, you can easily match the color of the backlight to your mood. Dedicated Hecate software is also available, which will allow you to modify the backlight in a more advanced way, and you'll also gain the ability to connect with other hardware in the Hecate series.


Various ways to connect

The G1500 Bar allows you to play music in 3 ways. You can connect the device of your choice to it with a USB-A cable. This allows you to freely play music from your computer, tablet or laptop, among others. You can also use the 3.5mm port to connect your headphones to the soundbar. Do you prefer wireless solutions? No problem at all! Take advantage of Bluetooth 5.3, which provides a fast, stable connection.


The perfect addition to your interior

The minimalist, geometric design of the device makes it easy to fit it into almost any interior. The soundbar will be a fantastic addition to your apartment What's more, it features a compact design (378 x 65 x 64 mm), so it won't take up much space on your desk or cabinet. Its operation will not be a challenge for you - built-in buttons will allow you to adjust the volume, change the mode or skip a song.


In the set

  • soundbar
  • detachable microphone
  • USB-C adapter
  • stickers
  • double-sided tape
  • user manual
Manufacturer Edifier
Model G1500 Bar
Color White
Dimensions 378 x 65 x 64 mm
Transducers Full-range transducers: 45 × 66 mm x2
Passive transducer: 41 × 78 mm x2
RMS output power 2.5 W 2.5 W (R/L)
Peak power 2.5 W 2.5 W (R/L)
Noise level ≦20dB (A)
Speaker impedance
Frequency response 120Hz-20kHz
Audio inputs USB-A, Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX
Bluetooth version 5.3
Bluetooth protocols AVRCP, A2DP, HSP, HFP
Audio codecs SBC
Input 5V/1A
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